What Types of Properties Should Be Tested for Radon?

What types of properties should be tested for a Class A carcinogen such as radioactive radon? ALL properties should be tested for the safety of the occupants. Radon enters buildings through cracks and fissures in the foundation and builds up inside a structure which is a concern when levels are elevated.

SCHOOLS: Students, teachers and support staff spend hours, days and cumulative years in schools throughout the day and evening for both day time education, after school programs, aftercare, events and night time education.

HOSPITALS: Most laboratory facilities in hospitals are found in the lowest level of the building amongst other services such as maintenance offices, some X-ray or MRI services plus the hospital morgue where physicians and technicians address these services.

HOMES: Always test for radon where you live! Protect yourself and your family to ensure your home is safe environment.

TENANTS: If you rent, you have rights! If you are on a first floor or a basement unit, request that your landlord test your space for radon gas and fix the property if levels are elevated so you can live safe in your space. If your landlord will not test for you, buy an EPA approved radon kit and test yourself. If elevated, you can demand the landlord correct the problem and re-test to ensure the levels are safe.

WORK: If you work in a building that never opens the windows and has the same air recirculating without bringing in fresh air, the general air quality should be tested no matter what. That being said, if you work in a basement, first floor or slab on grade office, as an employee, request that the space be tested for radioactive radon gas.

ANY building that is closed to the exterior should be tested for radon. Long term exposure to elevated levels radon can lead to lung cancer. Radon has a half-life of 3.8 days and if not exhaled in that time frame, radon’s daughter cells or progeny can become trapped in the lining of the lungs, where the radiation can be emitted. It is this radiation that can damage the lungs which can lead to lung cancer.

Test ALL Buildings…be proactive for your health. Radon induced lung cancer is one of the most preventable diseases if action is taken. You won’t know if you have a problem unless you test!

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