Vacation and Your Radon Mitigation System

Your home has a radon mitigation system installed because your radon levels were elevated and you chose to create a safe internal environment for your family. You are going on a family vacation for the winter school break and are unplugging or turning off your computer and some other devices to save electricity.

Should you turn off your radon mitigation system while you are away? Will you save money on electricity? The only one home is the cat after all!

The amount of power or electricity used to maintain a radon mitigation system running properly is minimal. These systems are designed to run constantly and the fan installed is actively pulling the radon from under the slab to keep levels low. That is why radon testing is recommended every 2+/- years; To make sure the fan is working properly over a long term basis.

Without the fan running, radon will build back up again very quickly. When you return home from your vacation after your home has been closed up, the radon levels will be elevated. It is recommended you leave your radon mitigation system running while you are away for vacation and come back home to safe internal environment.

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