The Importance of Radon Testing Timing in New Construction Property

New construction property radon testing must be performed at the appropriate time for it be a valid test. Many properties when under construction are contracted before the home is completed. Nearing the end of construction coming up to closing can present a rather frenetic time for the developer to get everything completed. Trades people are going in and out of the structure finalizing installations. That being said, when should the radon testing be performed in new construction real estate?

Radon testing should NOT be done when every trades person on the job is scurrying in and out of the property to get their work completed. When the trades people have completed their work and the house is quiet waiting for final inspections is the best time. This way, “closed house conditions” can be maintained and activity is at a minimum.

Recently, I was asked to perform an electronic radon test in a home that was under pressure to finalize the basic installations. At the time of deployment, information was shared that no one would be entering the basement for the 48 hours required for a short term test and there would be minimal activity in and out of the house. The house conditions were acceptable at the time of setup however when I returned to collect the Continuous Radon Monitor, the doors were opened every 5 minutes, the basement door was closed but the basement was covered in dust and the radon machine was moved multiple times. In situations like this, the test may be invalidated as the proper conditions were not in place. The health of the new home owners is at stake if the radon test is not performed properly resulting in skewed levels.

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