Testing for Radon? Call a Pro or Do It Yourself

Testing for Radon? Call a Pro or Do It Yourself

Radon, an invisible, cancer-causing, radioactive gas is not just another “thing” to take care of during a real estate transaction. For that matter, radon exists all the time all over the world…not just during real estate transactions. That being said, staying safe in our homes and workplace is imperative yet many do not know if they have elevated radon levels.

If you choose to be proactive and test your home, should you call a pro or do it yourself? The most important things to do if testing yourself is to use an EPA approved kit that is sent to an EPA approved lab and make sure placement is followed exactly per instructions for the best results. Check the expiration date and if expired, don’t use it! If the radon levels are elevated, always use a professional radon mitigator to install a system and re-test post mitigation to make sure the levels are in a safe range. Radon levels should be check every 2+/- years

During any real estate transaction, professional testing is highly recommended to assure there is no conflict of interest. Using an electronic testing process with a CRM (Continuous Radon Monitor), many of which are tamper proof, offers the most reliable results with an hour by hour breakdown of concentrations. Many pros cross-check their CRM with passive vials as a quality control.

Whether you are buying a home, have never tested for radon and have lived in your home for a period of years…whatever your situation, testing for radon gas is the ONLY way to know if you have elevated radon levels.

Test Your Home…Protect Your Family!

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