Sellers Pre-Sale Inspection and Radon Testing

Are you a seller planning to market your home for sale with hopes for top dollar and a smooth transaction? Have you done everything to make your home appear in it’s best light? Paint, some light renovation or maybe major renovation, spruced up the landscaping, even purchased all new appliances and are ready to hit the market. What’s missing?

A buyer coming into a home has questions and many of these questions can be answered by having a seller’s pre-sale home inspection. This includes testing for radon either by the home inspector, a certified radon tester or do it yourself with an EPA approved radon testing device.

If radon levels are elevated, either a radon mitigation system can be installed, re-tested with results provided to any potential buyer or the results can be shared with the buyer to make their own decision going forward. As a seller, you are being proactive to share the health of the house, not just the physical condition.

Test Your Home…Protect Your Family!

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