Rental Moving Day…Has Your New Apartment Been Tested For Radon?

Rental Moving Day…Has Your New Apartment Been Tested For Radon?

August 31st is the biggest moving day for tenants than any other day of the year. It could be moving to an area to go to college, are out of the dorms and moving in with friends or striking out on your own and can afford that awesome apartment in the area you always wanted.

That being said, if you are renting a single family or multi-family house, live in a ground level/basement apartment or are on the first floor, you should inquire with your landlord if the radon levels have been checked to determine if your new digs is a safe place to live. If the radon levels have not been checked, request your landlord to test for elevated radon levels.

Some US states have guidelines whereby radon levels must be checked and fixed prior to a tenant moving into a property. That is not the case for most states! In Massachusetts, where I am a NRPP Certified Radon Measurement Provider, there are no guidelines in place so being pro-active for own health is imperative.

As a tenant, you are paying your hard earned money for a safe and healthy space to live in. Your landlord may not be informed about the hazards of radon and that it is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. You can assist them with education and providing websites for them to review. Recommend they call a professional to learn more and review the US EPA Radon site.

Test Your Home…Protect Your family!

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