Radon, the Hidden Home Carcinogen

Radon, the Hidden Home Carcinogen

As a consumer, reading a subject line such as “Radon, the Hidden Home Carcinogen” can be frightening. Cancer is frightening and every adjective that goes along with it. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the breakdown of Uranium found in rock and soil. Radon is a radioactive gas that when breathed in, if lodged in the lung can cause lung cancer when it breaks down releasing it’s radioactive properties.

Elevated levels of radon can be found all over the world. Radon is colorless, tasteless and odorless so the only way to know if your home has elevated levels is to test. Concentrations outdoors is not a concern because the gas is diluted and not contained. When addressing radon concentrations in the home or any building that is closed to the exterior, elevated levels can occur when the radon gas becomes trapped.

A simple test can identify if your radon levels are elevated. EPA action level is 4.0pCi/L yet the EPA has concern when radon levels are between 2.0 and 4.0pCi/L where the World health Organization says to fix your home at 2.7pCi/L. Approximately 1 in 15 homes in the USA has an elevated levels of radon creating an unsafe internal environment.

Long term exposure to elevated levels of radon poses a threat of lung cancer. Smokers face an even greater risk! The only way to know if your home, workplace or school has elevated radon levels is to test the property. If levels are elevated, EPA recommends radon mitigation to fix the property. Installing a radon mitigation system to address elevated radon levels is one of the least expensive home repairs performed with the highest benefits.

Test Your Home…Protect Your Family!

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