Radon Testing Costs

Testing for radioactive radon gas is not an expensive process and will depend on the the type of test that is performed. If you have a low budget yet want to make sure your family is safe, there are many states that offer free test kits from the Department of Public Health.

Continuous Radon Monitors also known as CRM, is an active method of testing and on average, costs approximately $175-$225 per test depending on where in the country you live. These costs are for the Northeast of the United States. CRM’s are analyzed by the provider and results are provided within hours of completion.

Passive testing using canisters, vials or pouches can run approximately $70-$110 and are analyzed by a lab due to the contents of the medium. The results are provided after the lab has completed their analyses which can take several days.

The small fee it costs to test for radon is in return huge for of peace of mind and the health of your family. If your home tests elevated for radon gas, fix your home and save a life.

Test Your Home…Protect Your Family!

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