Radon…I’ve Never Tested

Radon…I’ve Never Tested!

OK, so you’ve never tested for radioactive radon gas in your home. With the increase of awareness, you want to and are concerned about the possible past exposure. We can’t go back in time even though it would be nice sometimes but we can be proactive going forward and that should be the mindset taken.

Radon gas is a Class A carcinogen that lurks in homes because it becomes trapped. Breathing radon decay products over a prolonged period of time can cause lung cancer and research is proving other organs can be affected as well.

The only way to know if you have a radon issue in your home is to test. There are multiple ways to test for radon gas and using a professional is highly recommended.  A homeowner with proper guidance following proper protocol can effectively test their home as well with an EPA approved test kit.

Most home testing is done on a short term basis lasting 2-7 days with either an electronic method or a passive method. The electronic method, which is performed by a professional radon measurement provider using a CRM or Continuous Radon Monitor is tamper proof, provides an hour by hour concentration reading and offers the most comprehensive report for short term testing. There are different types of short term passive testing with the most common being a 2-7 day test using Charcoal Liquid Scintillation or Activated Charcoal Adsorption which once the testing period is completed, is sent to a lab which reads the level of radioactivity for an overall average concentration. There are radon tests available which can be exposed for 1-12 months when long term testing is required.

There are some states in which it is required for radon testing to be done for real estate transactions and rentals yet many states who do not require it. If your state does not have any requirements, you MUST be proactive to test for this insidious gas for your own family and  home.

Test Your Home TODAY…Protect Your Family!

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