Radon and Negotiating a Real Estate Sale

Radon and Negotiating a Real Estate Sale

You have found your dream home and testing the home has shown the radon levels are elevated. You want the seller to “fix” the home because you feel they should.  Since there are many states in the United States that have no guidelines , laws or rules about radioactive radon gas, the seller may feel it is not something they “need” to do when there are other buyers who are not so demanding.

The process of “fixing” a home by installing a radon mitigation system is one of the most inexpensive home repairs that can be done with some of the most beneficial results…living safely in one’s home without the dangers of elevated radon levels. A professional radon mitigator will study the home’s construction to identify the best placement for maximum results.

If the seller of your dream home is putting up a fuss about installing a radon mitigation system before closing on your home, don’t fret! Arrange a system to be installed by the professional of your choice (another perk of doing it on your own) so when you close, the mitigator can go to work immediately. Make sure arrange to re-test the home once the system has been running for 24-48 hours to ensure the levels are at a safe level. The next step is to MOVE IN and ENJOY!

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