My Radon Levels are Elevated…Now What!

My Radon Levels are Elevated…Now What!

The first thing to do is Do Not Panic!  You cannot go back in time to correct your exposure to elevated radon levels in your home but you can fix the problem going forward.

To fix your home, hire a professional radon mitigator to install a sub-slab depressurization system to remove the excess radon in your home. Re-test using the services of a professional radon measurement provider also know as a radon tester to make sure the levels are reduced to a safe level.

To find qualified and certified professionals who are in the radon industry working to save lives from elevated radioactive radon gas exposure, look to  the National Radon Proficiency Program – American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists  NRPP-AARST .

Test Your Home…Protect Your Family!

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