Holiday Celebrations and Radioactive Radon Gas

Holiday Celebrations and Radioactive Radon Gas

This weekend commemorates both Passover and Easter which means family and friends may be visiting your home or possibly you will be spending the holidays visiting others. That means many people coming and going from the house which is not the best scenario for radon testing.

Radon testing requires “closed house conditions” for a valid test to be performed. Closed house conditions means doors and windows to a home, including garage doors MUST be closed to the exterior at all times however normal entry and exit from a home with immediate closure of doors after passing is perfectly fine. Windows MUST remain closed at all times during testing.

A short term test requires 48 hours of data collection minimum with closed house conditions established as well as 12 hours of closed house conditions prior to deployment.  Even opening a window can create a vacuum cleaner effect drawing more radon into the home due to interior pressure changes.

Performing a radon test when your home is bustling with guests for the holidays is probably not the best time to perform a radon test. Select a time when activity in the house is at a minimum so you can fully enjoy your guests when they visit for the holidays without rushing to close the door behind them.

Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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