Do You Live in a Basement Condo and Have Elevated Radon Levels?

Do You Live in a Basement Condo and Have Elevated Radon Levels?

You live in a basement condo and you have discovered your radon levels are elevated. The owners on the upper levels of the building don’t care and won’t contribute any funds to correct what they feel is YOUR problem. 

Contact your management firm and share the situation. Identify what you need to obtain for approval from the association to have a radon mitigation system installed in the building for your safety and those on the levels affected whether funds are contributed or not.

Speak to other unit owners on your ground floor level and on the first floor to  gather enough residents to voice their concern to install a radon mitigation system. Give all involved the tools and resources for education needed to make an intelligent decision. Call in a professional to assist!

Your management firm may choose to use reserves to take this next step if approved by a majority vote. If the management firm does not get the vote to move forward using reserves, consider gathering the funds from those affected to install the system. Always make sure you have approval from the association board and management firm before acting.

Most will turn the other cheek! Stay firm! Your health depends on it!

Protect Your Family…Test Your Home!

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