Homeowner Radon Testing…What You Need to Know

We frequently hear about radon testing during a real estate transaction but what if you are not selling you home…Radon still exists as do the dangers associated with it. A homeowner may not want to pay more money for a radon test when they feel they can do it themselves. When performed properly, a homeowner can obtain a valid test by following a few rules.

Short term radon tests take 2-7 days and are typically performed for real estate transactions due to the speed of obtaining results. Long term tests will give you a realistic result of what the radon levels look like are over a longer time period of 90 days to 12 months. The long term test should be placed in the lowest lived in level of the home that is most frequented. Only use EPA approved testing devices!

Does it mater where the tests are placed? ABSOLUTELY! Make sure the device is placed where it will not be disturbed. It should be away from direct sunlight, draft and areas of high humidity. Fireplace chimney flues should be closed. The device should be away from drafts, vents, doors, windows, and furnaces.

The device measuring the radon should minimally be at least 20 inches from the floor, at least 12 inches from the ceiling and no closer than 4 inches from other objects in the testing field. In addition, no closer than 12 inches from an exterior wall and preferably 2-3 feet away and minimally 3 feet away from exterior windows.

Knowing how to interpret the radon test results if a homeowner is testing can be assisted by a radon professional and/or the lab may be able to offer some explanation as well. EPA action level is 4.0pCi/L yet the EPA has concern when levels are seen between 2.0 and 4.0pCi/L. The WHO (World Health Organization) says to fix a property at 2.7pCi/L.

Whether you hire a radon professional to test or you choose to test for radon on your own, the importance is that you are being proactive to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of radon gas.

Test Your Home, School & Workplace…Protect Your Family!